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Arizona is a beautiful state and I have been very fortunate in taking a lot of amazing pictures here. I have just realized that I haven't gone through to make art out of many of those pictures, so I am making an effort to remedy that now. I will be adding to this gallery as I process more of my Arizona images. Enjoy the desert!
Cacti On Fire MountainSuper Duper MoonLightening Over San XavierSkeptical LizardGolden Light, Hummingbird FlightGolden Water BridgeGolden Light Sapphire NightFalling SunlightSwimming On The SunBeauty Around ThornsScratched AgaveReaching New HeightsBougainvillea SprigJohn10:10African DaisiesSpotted DaisiesFloating In Rippled WaterTextured SunflowerElectric Cereus