Jeanette Brown was still a little girl when she decided to become a photographer. Her Dad showed her his 35mm camera one evening and she was hooked. From a young age she photographed everything and everyone in sight. Through high school and college Jeanette lived behind the camera and sought refuge in the darkroom. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Studio Arts. Her emphasis of course, was photography. During her senior year of college she began working at Centric Photo. They did not have a digital department at that time but she had taken a Digital Photography course at the U of A so they trusted her with helping to implement one. She managed the Digital Department there for nine years before she moved to Mesa, AZ. and became a full time mother!

In her last years before becoming a mother Jeanette focused more attention on her art. She had always loved infrared film and enjoyed the process of hand-coloring. The combination of this love and her hours in front of the computer screen, led into the practice of scanning her negatives into the computer to color them in Photoshop. Today, that attraction to the nostalgic/dreamlike look that infrared film brings can still be seen in Jeanette's images. She has also discovered the process of adding additional textures to her images and loves the depth that the additional layers add.

The thing that draws Jeanette to photography is the idea of capturing light. She loves how lighting can change the mood of any theme. She believes that with the proper lighting, any subject can reflect the intention of the Creator. So, whether she is photographing a landscape, a wedding, a newborn baby, a senior getting ready to graduate or even a corporate event she brings with her a love for photography and a desire to capture not only the moment at hand but also the spark of life that makes her subject so unique and special.