Maternity and Newborn Portraits


Maternity Sessions last one hour, at the  location of your choice (feel free to ask for ideas).  Locations further than a 20 mile radius from Gilbert and University may incur an extra fee.  When the images are ready, you will be sent a link to your own, online viewing gallery containing your proofs.  These images will have been basically processed for color, etc. but not retouched.  You may order them as is, or have them retouched to a professional level.  The retouching adds a level of glamour that will make your portraits pop.

Newborn Sessions will most likely take longer than an hour, how much longer depends upon our director of the day (your precious little one).  We take as many nursing/feeding breaks as are requested and we don't rush our star.  This is a time to savor and enjoy and time is not an issue here.

Newborn sessions are best in studio or in your home.  Since we are located in Arizona, we may get away with an outdoor session on a warm day, but if you would like a bare skin, sleepy baby, we need a to create a very warm environment.

If you would like to do a Maternity and a Newborn session package (or if we photograph the birth of your baby), the session fees for each session drop down to $75.00 each and there is a $300.00 overall minimum purchase for the portrait sessions (including session fees), the minimum of the birth photography is separate.

You may order retouching, image downloads, prints, canvases, etc. directly through our website.   Even better, if you are local and can pick up your final product, feel free to place your order via email, directly to me, and we can avoid shipping charges.

Session Fee - $125.00

Downloadable images:

Up to 10 -         $25.00 each
10-25 images - $20.00 each
26+ images -    $15.00 each

Professional Level Retouching- $15.00/image

Artist Level Retouching For a Fine Art Style Image- $50.00/image

Canvas and print prices can be found on the website.  (If you can pick up your canvases in town, lower prices may be available).
The photographer will also provide a small gallery on Facebook for your friends and family to enjoy.