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Created 19-Jan-15
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Hello Lynn Family!

Here are your proofs! Have fun narrowing these down to your top ten! :) Once you have chosen your top ten, let me know which ones you want and I will process them for you! You did a wonderful job, I was so honored to get to photograph the three of you. It is so fun to watch you and your family grow!!!

I put two galleries in here, the images I took and the ones that Hope took, I was pleasantly surprised at some of the images that my baby took of you and your baby! You can choose from either gallery.

Let me know if you have any questions at all and feel free to share your link and password with anyone who you would like to help you choose your final images. Make sure you share it with your mom!!!!

Thank you for letting me do this, I loved photographing your family.

Have a great night!

Jeanette Brown
In The Light Photography
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