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Hello Everyone,

Here are the candid images from Saturday at the LFC Fall Market. I hope you enjoy them.

Feel free to order prints or any of the novelty items straight from this site of these "as is" images. You will find many printing/downloading options when you press the "View All Products" button (to the left of the page when there is one large image in the viewing space).

If you would like any of the images retouched, please contact me at to discuss any changes you would like made. I charge $35.00 per hour for enhancements but most jobs are pretty quick. For instance, "opening" someone's eyes is approximately a 5 minute job and "swapping" someone's head from another image generally takes 10 minutes.

If you had your portraits taken or you can recognize faces, make sure you check out the portrait galleries. There is one gallery in Sunday that I don't have names for and would love your help identifying. If you recognize those girls please have their parents email me with their names for the password to the gallery. If you see your gallery there but didn't receive your special password from me it is because I couldn't quite read some of the names/email addresses. Go ahead and email me with your name and the gallery name so that I can send you your password.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at

Also, please feel free to explore the rest of the website as well by clicking on "Home" at the top left hand corner of the screen.

Have a wonderful day,

Jeanette Brown