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Hello Gloria,
Here are Christiana's school pictures!

You ordered a Package D. I noticed that you missed the tax line on the order form. Please bring a check to school on Monday to complete the payment for your order. Your tax comes to $1.61.

To complete the order you have already made, please choose which image you would like to complete your Package B and email me with your choice at You may choose up to (1) image to fill your order of (1) 8x10. The class picture will also be included. Please also let me know which image you would like for your child's yearbook picture, and email me at with your selection. Please complete this before Thurs. Oct. 30th, or I will choose my favorite images to complete your package and print in the yearbook.

You may also order retouching on your image. I charge $35.00/hr. Most images will take 15 min. or less.

If you would like to add to your order, the images still have the pre-order price list on them, you order with this price list through the website at these prices until Thurs. Oct. 30th. Images will still be available for purchase after the 30th and will actually have more purchase options at that point, (ie mugs, keychains, etc). They will, however, have shipping added on at that time. When placing new orders with the pre-order prices, please indicate in the Notes/Instructions section of your shopping cart which images you would like printed at which sizes.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day,

Jeanette Brown

In The Light Photography