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Hi Marisol,

We had a wonderful time with you all yesterday. Thank you so much for making time for us while you were in town!

Your pictures are ready! I went ahead and processed/retouched all of them. I gave a few options on most of them and make a BW copy of each of them as well. The first image of each is the unprocessed image, those are just there for comparison sake.
I have set the pictures so that you can download them and print them wherever you want. (You could also order prints etc. through the website or allow family members to do the same- there is a slight up charge on the website prints etc.) To download them, just double click on one of the images, mouse over the top left hand corner and find "Download" as one of the options that comes up. Hold your mouse over the Download option until you see Download All Available (that way you won't have to do one at a time). I hope you like them! Oh, Kim and I talked about the price. We thought that $25.00 would be good. We want them to be a blessing to you.

Have a great night,

Jeanette Brown
In The Light Photography